Personal: Married, two sons. Short bio here.

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Ph.D. Physics, Washington University (St. Louis), 1989

M.S. Physics, University of Akron, 1983

B.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Akron, 1982


Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor,Ohio University, 9/05-

Professor of Physics, Ohio University, 9/01-9/05

Associate Professor of Physics, Ohio University, 9/97-9/01

Assistant Professor of Physics, Ohio University, 7/93-9/97

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois 7/92-7/93

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois 7/91-7/92

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Physics, University of Notre Dame, 4/89-7/91


Leverhulme Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (2009)

Visiting Scholar (3/18-6/18), Trinity College, Cambridge.

Visiting Fellow (9/08-2/09), Life Fellow (3/09-), Clare Hall, Cambridge

Visiting Fellow Commoner, Trinity College, Cambridge (3/09-9/09)

Fellowship, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain (2006)

Distinguished Professor (Elected 2005)

Fellow, American Physical Society (Elected 2003, Division of Materials Physics) Citation: For fundamental contributions to the physics of non-crystalline materials and development of efficient first-principles electronic structure methods.

Fellow, Institute of Physics (United Kingdom) (Elected 2005)

Ohio University Presidential Research Scholar (2002-2007)

Phi Kappa Phi

Visiting Fellow Commoner, Trinity College, Cambridge (2001)

Honors Tutorial College Distinguished Mentor Award (2007)

Ohio Magazine “Excellence in Teaching” Award (2006)

Fellow, Royal Numismatic Society (London) (2009)

American Men and Women of Science

Visiting Positions:

Paul Scherrer Institute, Zurich, 5/92-6/92

Associated Western Universities Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab, 6/96-7/96

Visiting Fellow Commoner, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 2001,2009

Visiting Professor, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona – CSIC, 6/06-12/06

Leverhulme Professor of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, 1/09-9/09

Area of Expertise:

Theory of amorphous materials and glasses

Insulator-metal transitions

Novel methods for modeling amorphous and glassy materials

Methods for one-electron theories for molecular and condensed matter systems; linear scaling methods

PhD Graduates (and current position)

See: link for ancestors and descendants

Bishal Bhattarai (2018) Washington University in St Louis

Kiran Prasai (2017) Stanford University

Anup Pandey (2016) Los Alamos National Laboratory

Yuting Li (2014) Ohio State University Medical School  (resident in Medical Physics)

Binay Prasai (2013) Central Michigan University

Bin Cai (2011) Instructor Washington University in St Louis (Medical School)

Pan Yue (2009)

F. Inam (2009) Assistant Professor, LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

Tesfaye Abtew (2007) Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY Buffalo

De Nyago Tafen (2005) Scientist, National Energy Technology Lab, Oregon

Raymond Atta-Fynn (2005) Research Professor, U. T. Arlington

Murat Durandurdu (2002) Professor, Abdullah Gul University

Serge Nakhmanson (2001) Associate Professor, University of Connecticut

Xiaodong Zhang (2001) Associate Professor, MD Anderson Cancer Center, U. Texas

Jianjun Dong (1998) Walter Professor of Physics, Auburn University

Petra Stumm (1997) Patent Engineer, Osha Liang

Mark Cobb (1997) Sverdrup Technologies (New Orleans)

Dominic Alfonso (co-supervised with Ulloa) (1995) National Energy Technology Laboratory (Pittsburgh)

Former Postdocs:

Partha Biswas – Associate Professor, U. Southern Mississippi

Indira Chaudhuri

Jun Li – Ningbo Institute of Materials Science and Technology

Uwe Stephan –  University of Paderborn

Kuiying Chen, McGill University

Ming Yu – Associate Professor: University of Louisville

Cecilia Noguez – Professor, UNAM (Mexico City)

Mingliang Zhang, Cal State Fullerton

Meetings with invited talks (partial)

Amorphous Insulators: A Symposium in honor of Frank Galeener (Winter Park, Colorado 1994)

International Conference on Advanced Materials (Cancun, Aug. 1995)

Midwest Solid State Conference (Manhattan, Kansas, Oct. 1995]

American Physical Society (Lubbock, Texas Oct. 1995)

NATO Advanced Study Institute on Amorphous Insulators and Semiconductors (Sozopol, Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria June 1996): Four lectures on Electronic Structure of Amorphous semiconductors

International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors (Budapest, Hungary Aug. 1997)

CECAM (Lyon, France Aug. 1998)

American Crystallographic Association National Meeting (Washington, D.C., July, 1998),

International Materials Research Congress (Cancun, Mexico, Aug. 1998)

American Ceramic Society Annual Meeting (Indianapolis, April, 1999)

International Conference on Amorphous and Microcrystalline Semiconductors (Snowbird, Utah Aug. 1999)

Laredo 99(Cantabria, Spain, June 1999)

CECAM meeting on Electronic and Optical Properties of Semiconducting Glasses (Lyon, France, June 2000)  (principal organizer)

NATO Advanced Study Institute (Czech Republic, June 2000) Three lectures on electronic structure of amorphous insulators and photo-structural modeling for chalcogenide glasses.

International Materials Research Conference: (Cancun, Aug. 2000)

Midwest Solid State Theory Conference (Univ. of North Dakota, October 2000)

Complex Atomic Modeling Network (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, May 2001).

Materials Research Society Spring Meeting (San Francisco, April 2002).

Third Workshop on Computational Materials and Electronics (Motorola Inc, Tempe AZ, Nov. 2001).

CECAM meeting, (Lyon, France, June, 2002).

Fluctuation Electron Microscopy and Nanoscale Order in Amorphous Materials Workshop (Urbana, June 2003) (co-organizer)

Romanian Conference on Advanced Materials (Constanta, Black Sea Coast, September 2003)

Gordon Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, Discussion leader on “Defects in Amorphous Semiconductors” (New Hampshire, July 2004)

A Festschrift in honor of Michael F. Thorpe (co-organizer)(St. Adele, Quebec, August, 2004)

American Ceramic Society: Glass and Optical Materials Meeting (Florida, November 2004)

Nanotech Insight (Luxor, Egypt, Feb. 2005)

APS March Meeting (Los Angeles, March, 2005)

APS March Meeting (Los Angeles, March 2005) Tutorial Lecture on “Computational Nanoscience”

Lattice Effects in Superconductors (Santa Fe, April, 2006)

International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy: (Jan, 2007)

International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors ICANS22 (Colorado, 2007)

First Intl. Conference on the Staebler-Wronski Effect (Berlin, April 2009)

ICANS23 (Utrecht, August, 2009)

First International Workshop on Conductive Bridge Memory (Stanford, Apr. 2010)

American Ceramics Society (Corning, NY May 2010)

Intl. Conf. on the structure of non-crystalline materials – NCM11 Paris (2010)

Psi-K, Berlin (2010)

Workshop on large-scale simulations in materials science and biophysics: A conference honoring the scientific achievements of O. F. Sankey, (Tempe, AZ 2011) (co-organizer)

Sigma Xi after dinner speaker (Athens, OH 2011)

Spring MRS meeting, (San Francisco, 2011)

International Conference on Formation of Semiconductor Interfaces, (Prague 2011)

Disorder in Order: a conference honoring the scientific achievements of S. R. Elliott, Trinity College, Cambridge, (Cambridge, England 2012) (Primary organizer)

Symposium on Doped Chalcogenide Materials, (Cambridge, England, 2014)

EMN (Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology) Summer Meeting, (Cancun, Mexico 2014).

Fall Materials Research Society meeting, (Boston, 2014)

American Ceramic Society Glass and Optical Materials Division (Miami, 2015)

International Conference on Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Semiconductors 26, (Aachen, 2015)

Materials Science and Technology 16, MS&T, Salt Lake City, Utah, Novel methods for modeling amorphous materials, (October 2016)

AVS64, American Vacuum Society, Computational design of amorphous materials,  Tampa, (October 2017).

Petra International Physics School, Lectures on electronic structure and simulations, Amman, Jordan (October 2018).

Glass and Optical Materials Division, American Ceramics Society, Structural origins of electronic conduction in amorphous copper-alloyed alumina, Boston, (2019).

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Arizona State University, Pointing the mathematical microscope at the practical and the exotic, Tempe (January 2020).

Disordered and amorphous functional materials, Thomas Young Centre, London, England, Computing Electrical Conduction Pathways in Materials (December 2020).

Electronic structure discussion group, Cavendish Laboratory, Space projected electrical conductivity and spectral properties of the conduction matrix, Cambridge, England (March, 2021).

Western Digital Corp., Space projected electrical conductivity and spectral properties of the conduction matrix, San Jose, (March, 2021).

External Funding  (current): 

Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (DOE) “Theory of Ultraconducting copper-graphene materials”

National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE) “Coal-Derived Alternatives to Fiber-Cementitious Building Materials” (with Jason Trembly and Damilola Daramola)

Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center through XSEDE: 350,000 Units on BRIDGES

External Funding (previous, partial):

NSF: Collaborative Research: Joint utilization of experimental and theoretical information: a new paradigm for modeling complex materials (2016-2019) $550K (with Parthapratim Biswas and Raymond Atta-Fynn)

NSF: Science of electron conducting filaments in ion-conducting chalcogenide glasses (2015-2019) $498K (with Gang Chen)

Ohio Supercomputer Center (2018) 100,000 service units, sole PI

Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center (2018) 50,000 units on BRIDGES

Army Research Office: Charge transport in complex systems (2013-2015) $120K (PI, M. Zhang co-PI)

NSF: DMR Electronic Materials: Nanoscale order in amorphous solids: structure, transformations, and electronic properties (2002-2005) [co-PI with J. Abelson (PI), M. Gibson, P. Goldbart, P. Voyles] [$894K]

Army Research Office: Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on Monolithic silicon microbolometer materials for uncooled IR detectors (2006-2011),with 9 experimental collaborators at Penn State and Toledo. [$5 million, O.U. part $500K]. Mark Horn PI.

NSF: DMR Condensed Matter and Materials Theory: Topics in the dynamics of disordered materials (2006-2009). $266K, sole PI

NSF Focused Research Group: Nanoscale structural order in amorphous materials and its relation to diffusion and electronic defects (2006-2009): with J. R. Abelson, PI (Illinois) and P. Voyles (Wisconsin) [$894K]

NSF: Collaborative Research: electronic processes in disordered and biomolecular systems (2009-2012) [$255K] DAD PI, James Lewis, co-PI

NSF: Mechanical signature of the polarization of light: the opto-mechanical effect in glass (2000-2004) [co-PI with H. Jain and S. R. Elliott] [$632K]

NSF: Theory of Non-Crystalline  Solids (2003-2006) [$244K] sole PI

NSF: Theoretical studies of glasses (2000-2004) [$287K], sole PI

NSF: Electron States and Transport in Amorphous Semiconductors (1997-2001). [$200K], sole PI

NSF: Structure and dynamics of glassy chalcogenides: a joint experimental and theoretical approach (1997-2001) [With R. L. Cappelletti, PI] [$300K]

NSF: Theory of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (1993-1997) [$138K] sole PI

ONR: Growth, Doping and Contacts for wide-gap semiconductors [several co-PIs] (1995-2000), M. Kordesch, PI, [ca. $2 million]

Axon Technologies, Tempe, AZ 2001, [$20K]

Motorola, Inc. 2000, [$10K]

Ohio Supercomputer Center (several since 1994)

Teaching Experience:

Undergraduate courses:

Introduction to Physics

University Physics

Classical Mechanics

Introduction to Quantum Physics

Special Study (honors tutorial)

Quantum Mechanics

Guest lectures in ancient and medieval numismatics

Graduate Courses:

Quantum Mechanics I, II

Methods of Theoretical Physics

Computational Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Physics of Amorphous Materials

University Service:

Director of Studies, Honors Tutorial program in Physics and Astrophysics

University Honorary Degree Committee (2012-; Chair, 2013)

Graduate Chair, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (2002-2007)

Distinguished Professor Committee (2005-); Chair (2009-2010)

Chair, Condensed Matter Experiment Search (2007)

Elected member, Arts and Sciences Dean’s search committee (2005,2011)

Member, Vision Ohio implementation team on graduate priorities

Member, Department “Futures” committee

Faculty Senate (elected 2004)

Graduate Council (2004-2007)

Chair, Physics Computing Committee (1997-2000)

College of Arts and Sciences Staffing Committee (2003)

Chair, Condensed Matter Theory Search (2001)

Departmental Advisory Committee  (2001-2006)

Chair, Physics Library Committee (1997-2000)

PhD Comprehensive Exam Committee (1995-1997; 2001-; chair, 2001)

Graduate Admissions Committee (1994-2000)

Several faculty search committees (Astronomy, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter)

Promotion and Tenure Committee (1997-; Chair 2001-2002, 2012-2014)

Colloquium Committee (1993-1997; Chair 1996-1997,2014-2015)

Deans Planning Committee (1997-2002)

Arts and Sciences Professional Ethics Committee (1998-2001)

1804 Fund Teaching Advisory Committee (2000)

Professional Service

Reviewer for NSF, DOE, EPSRC (United Kingdom), US Dept. of State, US Dept. of Defense, NSF Supercomputer Centers and Ohio Supercomputer Center. Site visitor for NSF.

External reviewer, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Toledo (2019).

Organizer or co-organizer of four international conferences.

Referee for Nature, Science, PNAS, Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry, Scientific Reports, Phys. Rev. Letters, Physical Review Applied, Physical Review B, Physical Review E, Europhys Lett, Phys. Stat. Sol, J. Non.-Cryst. Solids, Applied Physics Letters, J. Applied Physics, Phil. Mag, Nano Lett., Chem. Phys. Lett. and many others.

Guest Editor, J. Physics: Condensed Matter (16:44, 2004;19:45, 2007), Phys. Stat. Sol. B [248:9 (2011), 250:5(2013)]

Editorial Board: Scientific Reports; Physica Status Solidi (all sections); J. Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials – SymposiaIOP; (UK) Fellowship Selection Committee

Nominating Committee, APS (Ohio Section) 2009.